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Four new hats, and some yarn.
I am now very comfortable with two nice hat patterns, and have made up the trial firsts for two more patterns.

Here is a photo of all four:


Plus I got some lovely yarn, in discontinued colors, at a wonderful discounted price.
Now, lets see if I can put this all behind a cut.

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Nice work!
Are they for someone?

Thank you!

Are they for someone? Yes and no. Would you like one?

I make hats (and sometimes matching scarves) for Valley Youth House (dot org) to give to their client kids as winter approaches. My deceased daughter volunteered at one of the VYH offices, helping with mailings and light secretarial, and my hat donations are a way of honoring her memory.

This year, I think I have enough hats to try selling some at a craft fair in October, and still have plenty for the VYH kids. I should probably spread all the hats out on the bed, count them and take a picture.

I am not a yarn aficionado by any stretch of the imagination - but those are some very cool-looking yarns!

Yes, they are. Thank you, I'm glad you noticed. *grin*

I love variegated yarns, and how the colors turn out when used with different pattern stitches.

Still have not taken picture of the hats I've completed thus far, but I did get a count. 55, plus two under construction. One requires more yarn to complete, and the other only requires that I sit down and work on it for another hour or so.

I'm pleased.

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