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i'm missing something :)

For some reason I can't seem to find parts 1-3 of the leather rose tutorial? Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks so much. :)
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Thank you so very much. I think a trip to the store is now in order. :)
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You're very welcome.

A few other examples of my leather work are on my magpiesnest page, along with earrings and such.

If you make leather lacing, I made a video to demonstrate the use of TLF's lacemaker. It's on yutube.
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Hi, I am new to working with leather so I have a quick question. What is the best leather to use? Do I have to use tooling leather or can I use just regular scraps? If I can use regular scraps should they be thick or thin or does it matter? Your tutorial is a great help, thank you for posting!
Thanks for the help!
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Vegetable tanned leather is best to use for wet forming, which is what you are doing when you make the leather rose.

Tooling leather is vegetable tanned leather.

I make tiny versions of the roses for earrings from very thin and flexible chrome tanned garment leather, usually pig, but that requires that I use something to "starch" the tiny roses so they keep their shape.

Feel free to experiment with what you have, and let me know how it works.
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