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It's Icon Day 24
Tod is willing to draw you an icon, just for you, if you ask nicely, and post the request as a comment on the Icon Day thread here:

He's the one who drew my lovely Burd!

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He did my SteamOtter!
Fantastic work!

What a WONDERFUL SteamOtter!

Plus I love to watch him draw, ink and color the icons when he does them while streaming. He is a perfect joy to watch.

Did you know he's left handed?

"Left handed people are the only ones in their right minds" has to be one of the neatest sayings I've ever heard.
I'm not a lefty, but my oldest daughter was; and from the recent photos of her wielding a paint brush, I think I have a lefty granddaughter.

I haven't watched him, but anyone who can draw/paint/make original art has my envy and admiration.

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