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I'm doing an October Craft Fair
This is after many years of NOT doing craft fairs (I stopped after Mom's death in 2000).  I did a few, a very few, fairs with a good friend, as the second pair of hands, and someone to generally help cover the booth.

It's indoors, one day, and they are providing a table.  Still, I'm terrified.  Silly of me, I know.  I'm taking crochet hats (which many of you have seen over on my face book album page Yarn Arts, or in my Flickr pages), and debating taking my assortment of leather wristbands, the key fringes, and earrings.

I am open to advice and suggestions.

*goes off to stand in the corner quaking under my tablecloth*

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One of my alter-egos is a landscape designer. I am always struck how difficult it is for creative types to put themselves and their work out there, to show confidence - to have confidence, even in the face of lots of folks telling them their work is terrific.

That to say, I understand your terror. You are not alone. Putting yourself out there does get better with practice, though I've never noted it to transmute into fun. :-) Still, fun need not be the goal.

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