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Apologies for vanishing again
However, the trip to daughter's place for a week (more like ten days, as it turns out) and then my spouse having a stroke (and the subsequent runnings about) have filled my days with more things than I could manage and still visit livejournal (and many other internetish things).

First time back to my journal in, what, a month?

The news about spouse is good, he is progressing well in rehabilitation therapy, and should be coming home in a week or so.  I am still doing the craft show.  With some trepidation, but still doing it.

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Oh, sweetie! What a horrible time for you. Glad he's recovering and I hope you are getting some rest as well.

Thank you. I am getting some rest, but I could use more.

I see lots more "not enough rest" in my future, but I'll manage. By sneaking naps when I can.

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